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We as Green Technologies International LLC. as the Authorized Representative and Consultant for the Large Scale Financial Groups and AAA rated financial institutions, who wants to invest in the growth and development of every country and economical project in this world. This is what we do. We combine your requested needs with a provider who can supply your needs


Financial Asset management and Instruments, Wealth Management, Banking, Islamic Banking, Sukuk, Stock Trading, IPOs, Takaful/Retakaful Insurance and Reinsurance, Bonds, Securities, Money swaps, Exports/Import Finance Commercial Papers, Letter of gurantee, LCs, Dual Currency bonds, Securities, Money Swaps, Exports/Import Finance Commercial Papers, Auditing, with the Big4 Accounting Firms, Money Transfer and wiring, Telegraphic Transfer, Online/offline Transfer, With Compialnce Of DODD-FRANK, BAI (X9), Fedwire payment Notification, SEPA EPC RULEBOOK and EBA step2 As well As Swift Standards for MT and MX/ISO20022. , RTGD, ACH/SEPA, KTT and Server to server Transfer, All Major Credit Cards Facilitation

One Stop Answer for all Mega Infrastructure Implementations :

Contracting and Construction of

Sea Ports, Airports, Halal Hub ports, Roads, Crude Oil Refineries, Tank Farms, Pipelines, Resorts, Residential Estates, Hospitals, Universities, Play Fields etc...

One Stop Answer for all YourHealth and
Wellbeing :

Alternative and Natural Medicine,

Organic Food and Meat Productions,

Green Energy and Green Alternative Promotions,

Reducing the Harmful Emissions and Saving the Environment Through Natural Practic

One Stop Answer for all Relief and
Humanitarian Needs

Caring the Orphans Around the World,

Emergency Response to Natural Disasters,

Famine and The Neediest Ones

One Stop Answer for all the
Needy Services

Leasing Facilitation,



Protection and Securities,

Accounting Facilitation,