The excellent Investments company with wide options


Investment management involves directly with governments & Corporates

Through Private Public Partnership (PPP) for mega projects and infrastructure developments

Highways, Causeway, Seaports, Airports, Energy, Utilities, Irrigation, Water supply, Affordable homes,

Public buildings and facilities such as Universities and hospitals with financing packages based on Built Operate and Transfer (BOT) or

Built Leased and Transfer (BLT) or any suitable international forms of contracts.

Participates in private equity investment in commercial projects Special economic zones

Participates in private equity investment in commercial projects Special economic zones

free industrial zones,

Halal parks,

Medical Cities,

Pharmaceuticals & life sciences,

Healthcare cities,

hospitality & leisure,

township developments,

IT and Telecommunication,


Transportation & logistics,


Gold and diamond cities,


Satellite technology as well as agriculture sector and organic food production

Forte is in the development of Energy sector such as Energy City, Refinery, Tank Farms, Pipeline, Petrochemical plants, LNG Regasification plants and Petroleum terminals.

Group own state of the art plants and machinery's technology which is environmentally friendly and green technology that comply with the international practice of industry of environmental impact of Kyoto and The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) last edition 2015.

We always bring into our projects the newest and latest generation renewable energy, green nanotechnology, green chemistry and green buildings to support sustainable developments.

We believe in offering total financial solutions by providing funding solutions especially through

Islamic capital market and Shariah compliance investment instruments such as SUKUK, Bond, sovereign fund, sovereign guarantee but not limited to setting up full fledge Islamic Banks, Micro finance institutions, Takaful and Re-takaful companies, and other investment products and services such as IPO and Merger and Acquisition. Our group/partner/member and associates own shares in the world top banks, many private banks, Islamic banks, Micro finance banks and Community banks.

Our true value of Our console can be seen in the manifestation for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is a permanent memorandum of statement in all our group company establishment vision and mission to contribute to various social welfare, education, scholarships, Hajj sponsorship, Orphanage centers, Community center through Global Foundation which a branch will be established in every country that we are operating.

Core Partners


State enterprises

Private enterprises

Top Banks

Financial institutions

Humanitarian organizations

Private enterprises

Sharia Compliance bodies

Our Console is an industry benchmark of the 21st century world class resource management team who are specialized to prioritize in this fast moving global assets and resources into a more sustainable and healthy developments

Our Console focuses on every corner of its corporate social responsibility to max it with no or minimum possible downtime. Our Console selects and deploys the world’s most experienced and influenced experts in to their boiling room to gain the maximum benefit from every sector of its line of activity and utilize the best practice of every system and procedure

Our console areas of activity include global investment and financial asset management focuses on mega projects, green energy, urban developments, real estates, complexes such as Refinery, Tank Farms, Petrochemical plants, LNG Regasification plants, Petroleum terminals, renewable Green energy, Special economic zone, Free industrial zone, Halal Parks, Seaport, Airport, Islamic Banking, Sharia compliant products, Takaful, Retakaful, Agriculture and livestock development, Organic food and halal products

Our Presents


Latin America,

Europe, Asia,

Austrialia Newzealand,

Middle east Africa

Financial Asset Management

Mega structures and construction works

Green and renewable energy

environmental protection

Social well being, Education, Humanitarian, Health

Organic Farming and food production

Parks, Resorts, recreational

Organic Farming and food production

Parks, Resorts, recreational

GOVT Sector

If you are an official representative of a government, then an invitation for a get acquainted meeting is to be arranged between the Ambassador or Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of your country and the Director of Green Technologies International LLC. This first meeting will be held in the your country or nearest embassy of your country. The subject of the meeting and the itinerary shall be stated in the invitation. A brief introduction about yourself and the position you hold in the government shall also be described in the invitation. This first meeting will be for your government representatives to do a Q and A with the Director of Green Technologies International LLC. Once they are in a comfort zone of satisfaction, the officials are to present supporting, legal, government documents of funds, assets and property. Such items that will be used and contributed for the development of the proposed project the government is seeking funding for. Once the Director receives these documents, then he will be able to release further and detailed information of how and what financial venue will be utilized to complete this transaction.After this meeting, I will need the meeting minutes to prepare whatever was discussed for Green Technologies International LLC to provide for closing. Closing will be held in the Embassy located in your country with the President of your country, the Director of Green Technologies International LLC and all other authorized officials including all of us.

Private sector

full completed and each signature page signed KYC from the owner of assets and funds or owner of company.

Full colored legible copy of a passport from the owner of assets and funds or owner of company.

A detailed Letter of Interest describing location, what and how can we assist. We need a letter of what is wrong and how you want our group to help.

Enclose a front and back copy of all supporting legal documents of all hard assets and ownership of funds, banking instruments, land deeds, updated bank statements, surveys and appraisals of hard assets.

Banking letters on banking letterhead addressed to the owner stating active account number, amount on deposit, type of account, age of

account signed and notarized by banking officer with ID#

Colored copy of registered company documents and resolution.

A summary of an economical project or how you plan to use your generated funds.

Once you have passed compliance and your transaction has been accepted, you will receive an implemented plan from the Director of Green Technologies International LLC. This plan will answer all your questions you asked in your LOI, describe how and who will be assisting and closing your transaction. Every transaction is different. So, We cannot promise you anything before you receive the implemented plan that has been accepted and arranged for you to complete your transaction. No upfront money or promises are needed. Once you receive the procedures from the Director of Green Technologies International LLC and you wish to move forward, then the procedures will be followed accordingly and a closing will be arranged. The closing will be held in a non taxable country. The whole goal of Green Technologies International LLC is for you to create your own funding and investment foundation. Our job is to be your lifetime advisory to the opportunities of private investments.